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Drogo # 2.jpg

Nerin got Drogo # 2 on 12/9/20. He is in a happy home and absolutely adored.

Drogo # 2 older.jpeg

Mica picked up her baby, Baxby, on 12/23/21. He is healthy, happy, and growing into a stunning boy!

Albert got our beautiful baby boy, Sihtric, and is doing wonderful in his new home with his brother. 


Marine came to pick her baby girl out and fell in love with 2 of our babies. She took home Skade and Finan, who are now Sky and Luna. They are both doing so wonderful in their new home.  

Lucy Fur.jpg

Charlene picked up Lucy-Fur on 1/1/21. She is happy and healthy and living her best life. 

Lucy Fur Older.jpeg
Luna #1.jpeg

Amelia and her daughter picked up Luna on 1/31/21 and has been happy and keeping up with her sister. 


Amelia also decided to get a second baby from us, Nala, who left 10/21/21 to join her sister Luna. 

Charlene and Terry decided to get 2 more of our babies, Draco and Max. They left for their forever homes on 11/12/21.


Charlene and Terry got our beautiful Koa girl and named her Xena, the final baby to their crew.  She is doing great in her new home and everyone loves her. 


Mary got our beautiful boy Ozzie and he is growing up to be a big boy. They are waiting on their other baby brother from Freya and Loki. 

Pat and Brennan took home their beautiful boy, Uhtred and he is doing wonderful. He is getting to be a big boy!

We are still awaiting more pictures of our babies in their new home with owners

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