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Karen took Captain Gantu home on 9/9/23. He has made himself right at home. 

Mitch and Jessica brought home Stitch and Elliot on 9/9/23. They have been loving their new home and causing lots of mayhem! 

Matt & Melissa brought home McSquizzy and Lilo on 9/10/23. They have both been happy at their new home and also causing mayhem. 

Margo brought Jumba home on 9/9/23 and has been super happy and spoiled with his new mommy. 

Cat & Zach brought home Giselle on 9/9/23. They were lucky and kind enough to also take home mommy (Athena) when she was healed up from her surgery. Mom and daughter are both doing wonderful together and love being spoiled rotten every day. 

Debra picked up Rufus on 9/9/23. He has stolen the hearts of both of his sisters and has made himself right at home with his new parents. 

Kylie took Fifi home on 9/9/23. She has been super spoiled in her new home.

Rileigh picked up her new baby on 1/5/24. She has been living it up with her new mommy.

Jamie and Sara brought home Cobra Bubbles on 9/9/23. He has control of his whole house now and loves his new family.

Ron and Julia took home Nani on 9/10/23. She is rulling her house for now until their other sibling comes along from Kali. 

Christina & Richard brought home Boog on 9/9/23 as well. He has made himself right at home with his new parents. 


Michelle and her family brought home Ursa and Elvis on 9/9/23. They have both been doing wonderful and living their best lives. 

Tonya picked up Velma on 3/30/24 and she is living her best life.

Jacob picked up Fred on 3/9/24. He is living his best life with his new sister.

Angie and Jeff picked up Jebodiah on 3/28/24. He is living a spoiled life with his new brothers. 

Doug and Diane picked up Lincoln on 3/28/24. He is happy and spoiled living his best life. 

Viviana and Sergio picked up picked up Bella on 12/16/23 for Sergio. She has been living as a spoiled little girl ever since. 

Kim picked up Finley on 1/6/24. He is growing up and loving his new life. 

Tammy picked up Lemon on 12/16/23. She has been spoiled rotten and loving her new life. 

Joyce picked up Stormy on 12/31/23. She has been super happy with her new mommy. 

Holly picked up Mayor on 12/16/23. He has been happy and loved ever since.


Donna picked up Lola on 12/16/23. She has been loving her new life with her siblings. 


Sheryl picked up Aslan on 11/25/23. He has been living it up at his new home. 

Ann picked up Jake Ramsey on 11/25/23. He has been loving his new home and new mommy.


Jim picked up Luna on 11/25/23. She has been living a very spoiled life with her new mommy and daddy.

Kristin picked up both of her babies on 12/30/23. They have both been living their best lives with their new mommy.

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